Fall/Winter 2022

This collection is inspired by the work of artist Jean Dubuffett and his perception of feminine beauty. In his own words, he explains it as a form of protest against the beauty standards imposed by the Greeks and cultivated by the fashion of the time.
Amorphous figures with little definition are a representative part of his work. Interpreted in this collection through patch-type embroidery, asymmetries in the blazers, and knitted garments, as well as hand-woven accessories in recycled materials interpreting its famous monuments such as “The standing Beast” and jewelry pieces such as “the smirker ” show us almost childlike figures inlaid with stones inspired by the Art Brut movement of which Dubuffett was a precursor. An art free of aesthetic norms, created in an almost naive way and with a touch of humor. Seeking to translate these characteristics into our pieces.
The materials are wool and viscose blends, recycled cotton and deadstock fabrics, always seeking to generate the least impact using local materials and labor.